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A WorldCamps community service program spiced with adventure for personal growth, ethical thinking and pushing boundaries.

Expanding potential, knowledge and social skills of young adventurers.

Skills that last a lifetime and complement young people’s academic education guiding them to become empowered, responsible adults.

Our Camp nestled in the jungle on the high banks of a winding river 1,5 hours from Colombo International Airport is the safe and weather proof adventure camp you are looking for, with the program being delivered by our all European staff on location working in unison with our local partners. Our combined experience results in an unparalleled program delivered in the most safe environment possible.

A tailored selection of Community Service Programs for your school to choose from, along with adventure & nature education programs living off the land.

This program guarantees maximum engagement for all participants investing skills and time into tasks and skills based STEM projects.

Cultural immersion during the program educates on insight, social and economic dynamics to help understand the real needs of communities; enabling to achieve valuable, measurable, real impact.

Sri Lanka Camp Location

  • Recommended booking date: January – April 

  • Selection of tailored Community Service Programs to choose from
  • Real, measurable impact of delivered programs
  • Unparalleled safety and versatile location
  • Experienced, knowledgeable European & local staff working in unison
  • European safety standards in transportation, activity delivery, operational processes
  • Decades of local experience and local knowledge
  • Clear educational objectives

Colombo International Airport – 1,5 hours away

Nearest hospital - 30 minutes away

Camp Capacity – 250 pax

Weather proof camp with tents on concrete flooring, on the high banks of a river

Local community projects


  • Activities: Rafting, abseiling, coconut & rubber plantation, Community Service Program, Hiking, Housekeeping

  • 5-7 days camp duration
  • Camp Life
  • Safe bus transportation from Colombo Airport
  • International safety standards & processes applied
  • Nature and Wild life (rubber tree plantation, pineapple plantation)





WorldCamps arranges:

  • Visas
  • Air tickets
  • Activity Insurance
  • Special meals (medical dietary requirements)
  • Transportation between camp and international airport in destination country

School & parents to arrange:

  • Personal gear
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccines
  • Medication if required (to be accompanied with doctor’s note)